John Bury

Mr. John Bury is an Enrolled Actuary who provides fast, expert administration for defined benefit, profit sharing plans as described in paragraphs 401(a) and 401(k) of the IRC, at very reasonable prices for us. He has solved issues for thousands of plans over many years.

Mr. Bury also writes a blog on actuarial issues detailing the real story of states’ underfunded pensions. He is the foremost advocate in the nation of federal oversight of state plans and has been quoted in Barron's and other media. View his blog here.

Kartikeya Katir

Mr. Katir has worked in our office for ten-plus-years handling administrative functions and securities research and analysis. He graduated from the Harvard CS50 computer science course and is currently studying for the Registered Investment Advisor exam.

David Millar JD

David Millar, JD, provides compliance consulting and annual regulatory filings. He graduated Magna cum Laude from Michigan State University College of Law. He has enrolled Registered Investment Advisors in 44 states and with the SEC.