New Money

Whether you've earned your fortune through a career of extraordinary achievement, or just won a lottery, congratulations! Now you have the daunting task of keeping what you've acquired. That's what we do. Through experience, we provide the expertise and contacts to help preserve and grow your wealth.

Earning and keeping are different skills. Some careers in sports and entertainment, for example, are notoriously brief. Over 78% of NFL players are bankrupt or in financial distress after two years of retirement. Within five years of retirement, an estimated 60% of NBA players are broke. Click here for some of those stories. How does new money become old money? By preserving capital, avoiding private deals, and spending only interest and surplus. We can help you do this.

We know that successful people surround themselves with successful people, so we look forward to being a part of your wealth management team. We're enthusiastic about preserving what you've earned. One way to get started is to give us a call at 530.320.3287. Another is to send via e-mail to

We carefully maintain client confidences. Our reputation depends on professionalism and the trust of the people with whom we work. We will, of course, keep your information confidential.

How do you know when you need professional management? When you feel burdened by money. When you don't know what to do. Then professional management is a relief, and you can get on with your life. So, when you feel that feeling, it's time.