Old Money

How does new money become old money? By preserving capital, avoiding big losses, and spending within one's means. For years we have studied the oldest endowments on the planet. As a fourth-generation heir to a modest legacy, we have a long-term view of how fortunes have been preserved, and how they have been lost. We temper euphoria in good times and batten the hatches during financial storms with an historical perspective of capital preservation and growth. Capital is like another member of the family, which should be productive, dependable, an accesible resource.

We can change your investment world. You are familiar with opaque hedge funds, illiquid private placements, bank trustees who may have said the were diversified but still lost a big chunk of your net worth in 2001. And again in 2008. And again in 2022. Welcome to our world of aligned management, where the manager has the integrity to invest alongside you, where accounts are transparent, and we are conscious of the societal effect of our capital allocation.

An independent family business, we are a simple proprietorship, as concerned as our clients to see their investments succeed. Because we are not subject to shareholder pressure, because we do not rely on external funding, nor have the constraints of operatiing in a large group with its inherent confliects of interest, we are free to choose our strategic direction and free to make the best choices for our clients' investments.

Our goals are aligned in trust, the cornerstone of any relationship. Are you looking for such a relationship? Let's talk.

Easan Katir